Here’s how heat pumps work and can both cool and heat your home

While most people are familiar with standard forced-air HVAC systems, not as many are familiar with heat pumps. These systems move air inside or outside and remove the heat from that air using mechanical energy to create the desired heating or cooling effect. However, understanding how heat pumps work specifically involves taking a deeper dive into the system and its ... Read More

What are the causes of heat pump cycling, and how can it be resolved?

A heat pump is a heat distribution device that transports heat from one area to another. It’s a popular method for heating homes in areas with moderate winter climates. Unlike a traditional furnace, a heat pump does not create heat. Instead, it simply moves heat around to where you want it. However, like traditional furnaces, heat pumps are susceptible to ... Read More

5 signs of a potential furnace breakdown this winter

Having to deal with an emergency repair on a malfunctioning furnace can be a stressful and expensive situation, especially if it happens during an extremely cold day or night. Fortunately, routine maintenance can help prevent such an occurrence. During a tune-up service, a Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning technician can inspect your furnace to identify and repair any small issues ... Read More

Should you repair or replace your air conditioner?

Every homeowner eventually comes to a crossroads when their older air conditioner breaks down: does it make more sense to have it repaired, or is it time to replace it? While AC repair is generally less expensive than a new system, investing more money into a failing AC unit may not be the right call. In this article and infographic, ... Read More