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Having to deal with an emergency repair on a malfunctioning furnace can be a stressful and expensive situation, especially if it happens during an extremely cold day or night. Fortunately, routine maintenance can help prevent such an occurrence. During a tune-up service, a Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning technician can inspect your furnace to identify and repair any small issues that could turn into large problems. There are also several indicators you can watch for that can signal a potential problem with your furnace. Recognizing the signs of an impending furnace breakdown can help you schedule a service appointment before a serious malfunction occurs.

Here are the signs of a potential furnace breakdown

1. Yellow pilot light

When your furnace is operating properly, the flame of the pilot light should be blue. If you notice that the flame is yellow, it could indicate that there is a problem inside your furnace. A yellow pilot light is one of the furnace breakdown signs that requires immediate attention, as it could mean that your heating system is releasing carbon monoxide into your home’s air.

2. Frequent operational problems

Even with a routine preventative maintenance plan in place, sometimes heating system equipment requires repairs. However, if you notice that your furnace is starting to malfunction more often, it could mean that a larger problem is looming. Frequent small repairs may be caused by a deterioration of your furnace’s internal parts. Sometimes fixing the small issues doesn’t address the underlying cause that could lead to a breakdown in the near future.

If you have to schedule frequent repairs for your furnace, you may want to consider replacing it. One of our expert technicians can determine the root cause of the problems and help you determine if it is more cost-efficient to repair or replace your furnace.

3. Uneven heating in certain areas

Another sign that something isn’t working properly in your heating system is inconsistent performance. When your furnace can’t heat every room in your home properly or constantly cycles on and off to maintain the right temperature, it’s a good time to schedule an appointment with a technician. Sometimes inadequate heating is due to a furnace problem, and sometimes it’s a sign that the air vents are blocked.

4. Strange noises or smells

You may notice a musty or burnt smell the first time you turn on your furnace every autumn. However, these odors should dissipate fairly quickly once your furnace is running. If you continue to notice strange smells when your furnace is running, it may indicate a problem. Noises can also point to an impending breakdown. Some things to listen for include knocking, rattling, grinding, and humming.

5. Old age

Do you know how old the furnace in your home is? It’s an important thing to figure out because sometimes furnaces fail due to age. Most furnaces are designed to last between 10 and 20 years. If your furnace is approaching the end of its lifespan, you may want to consider replacing it before a catastrophic breakdown occurs. Many modern furnaces are more energy-efficient than older models. Preemptively replacing your old furnace with a new one may significantly reduce your utility bills and the cost of frequent repairs.

Call our team if you notice the signs of an impending furnace breakdown

There are several signs that can indicate your furnace is getting close to failure. When you start seeing them, it’s time to contact us at Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a service appointment. We can help you decide if it’s better to repair or replace your equipment.